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Back to Classics: The Best Cheap Prank

One of the meanest things you could possibly do....

One of the funniest things you could possibly do....

Is the anger worth it??

Fake lottery tickets are notorious for being one of the meanest pranks to pull. Getting

someone's hopes up with pretending they will have no more rent issues and infinite riches, only to

take all there hope away from them when they read the back. If properly pulled off, this trick can

cause someone to cry, laugh, or get the urge to kill.

It also does come with the possibility of your victims loosing all the there hope of being financially successful in the future and becoming horribly depressed... But that probably wont happen. The risk of outrage and getting injured is very high as your most likely in for a small chase, even if it is just for a little laugh.

Who would you trick?

Well I wouldn't go for tricking your poor old grandma. As a kid I tricked my Mom with one of these and as soon as she got excited, I became worried about how I was going to break it too her. It became a challenge for ME to let her get to the part of the joke where she reads the back and sees its a joke. She decided to call my Dad before reading it and I had to come clean. I recommend this prank for a friend or someone already rich. If you really hate someone I would trick them by having them open it on there own, or even drop a bunch on the ground and see if someone takes the bate.

Trick your hardened friends that are bright enough to keep there calm before reading the back, or trick your rich uncle that wouldn't really need the money. Although this is true if you want a friendly joke, if your looking for revenge or going after an enemy, this is perfect.


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